I combine my expertise in Strategy, Technology, Marketing, Design and Process Development to scale businesses

Tiina Wilen is the creator of Avenue Growth System™  & the CEO of Avenue Strategy Group. She and her team help growth-focused business owners build assets, systems and infrastructure required for sustainable business growth.

Tiina holds a Master of Science in IT Engineering, a Bachelor in Business, a certificate in Client Acquisition and a Diploma in Interior Design.

Tiina works as a growth coach for several successful small businesses and occasionally as a fractional CMO/CGO for design brands that scale beyond the 2-5 Million EUR mark.

With a solid corporate background in IT and finance, travel, hospitality, and design, she has worked as a CEO, IT & management consultant, project manager, business developer, and process manager with responsibility for multi-million EUR offshore operations and a global team of 300+ software engineers, global manufacturing & shipping processes and international sales and partnerships.

She’s an expert in the Interior & Home Decor Industry, helping service professionals scale past their current capacity, and DTC brands expand to international markets. She also invests in digital assets and owns several service, media & publishing B2B and B2C brands.

Her favorite hobby is interior design and she tends to redecorate a lot. Tiina doesn’t cook; luckily she married a guy who does, and her secret superpower is wallpapering. Tiina’s got more attitude than a tiny Finnish village, but she balances it nicely by being helpful and super fun.

Born in Helsinki, Finland, Tiina is a mother of 2 and the Wilén family lives a harmonious small kids’ life in the Swedish countryside with their dog Franklin.

She believes building a business should be fun. She also believes in thinking differently. Lastly, she believes business and personal growth are a choice.

My family, interests & happy places

The Avenue Methodology & Growth System™

The Avenue Methodology is about building or acquiring the Key Growth Assets every business needs to have in place to grow and scale.

The Avenue Growth System™ is a modular system that helps you implement the right strategies, right tactics, right rituals and build the right kind of belief system – depending on where you are right now, and where you want to get.

How can I help you?

You can choose to…

  • work with me on a coaching basis to implement the Avenue Growth System™ into your business
  • bring me in as a fractional CMO/CGO and let me help you level up your processes, technology and people