I combine my expertise in Strategy, Technology, Marketing, Design and Process Development to scale businesses

I am the creator of Avenue Growth System™ & the CEO of AvenueCoach. I help ambitious business owners package their skills and knowledge into intellectual property, engineer assets, systems, and infrastructure required for sustainable growth.

With a solid corporate background in IT and finance, travel, hospitality, and design, I have worked as a CEO, IT consultant, project manager, business developer, and process manager with responsibility for multi-million EUR offshore operations and a team of 300+ software engineers, global manufacturing & shipping processes and international sales and partnerships.

Today I own brands in coaching, consulting, IP licensing, and publishing. My advantage is my equally strong left and right brain, which means I combine strategy, analytics, technology, and design in a unique way to create massive breakthroughs for my clients.

Born in Finland and now living in Sweden after a short living & work period in Shanghai, I’m married to a tall, quiet Swedish dude from the deepest forests of Småland (where people are a wee bit weird but lovely), and we live in picturesque Mariefred with our two kids, cat Ninja & Staffordshire Bull Terrier Sisu Franklin.

I hold a Master of Science in IT Engineering, a Bachelor in Business, a certificate in Client Acquisition, and a Diploma in Interior Design. My main interests are high-level business modeling and technology, sales & marketing systems, and I help business owners design business concepts and models that are modern, scalable, and profitable, work more strategically and use today’s technology to work smarter and get more out of life.

My favorite hobby is interior design and I tend to redecorate a lot. I don’t cook; luckily I married a guy who does, and my secret superpower is wallpapering. I love flowers, the sea, the countryside, and our family’s happy place Marbella, Spain. I’ve got more attitude than a tiny Finnish village, but I balance it nicely by being smart, helpful, and funny.

I believe building a business should be fun. Why bother otherwise? My customers and peers say I’m tough and brilliant. I can roll with that 🙂

If you level with me, and you want to know how I help great businesses increase revenue, profits, impact, and joy, then book a call, and let’s talk about working together!

My family, interests & happy places

The Avenue Methodology & Growth System™

The Avenue Methodology is about building or acquiring the Key Growth Assets every business needs to have in place to grow and scale.

The Avenue Growth System™ is a modular system that helps you implement the right strategies, right tactics, right rituals and build the right kind of belief system – depending on where you are right now, and where you want to get.

How can my system help you?

You can choose to…

  • work with me & my team to implement the system and grow your business
  • become certified in the methodology and join my team of Certified Growth Experts & Coaches
  • work privately with me and let us together tailor the solution for you