I combine my expertise in Strategy, Technology, Marketing, Design, and Process Development to scale premium businesses

In my next life – I’ll be an interior designer. Or a spa owner. My passion for interiors, spaces, and wellbeing lead me to leave the finance & IT industry and re-create my career in the design & wellness space. I have studied interior and graphic design and our 10-year-old daughter is already a talented Bloxburg designer… But, my first professional love is systems – and I’ve been in systems development and process design for over two decades.

I know… most of my clients find it boring 🙂 but, I firmly believe that if you want to grow and scale an impactful business, systems and processes will play a major role in it. And that’s why they come to me!

After years in the corporate world as an IT consultant, product manager, and global process manager 👉🏿 I realized I wanted something else, fired my employer, and decided to do something completely different… (and never looked back). I launched a home textile & decor company and quickly grew it to sell in 17+ countries through 100+ retailers and partners. Some years later, I decided to combine my corporate background with my design entrepreneur experience, and that’s how my dream business AVENUE was born.

I also invest in intellectual property & digital assets. One of our assets, TheAveneur.com, is a B2B media platform for the design & wellness industry. Hubby and I might have some property flips on the horizon again, and some other cool projects to keep my creative juices flowing. But my passion is helping smart, ethical, and ambitious people make big moves and lots of cash while they enjoy their lives.

I’m a mother ❤️ I was born in Helsinki, Finland in the late ’70s, I’ve lived in Sweden since the late ’90s, with a break in Shanghai to do my M. Sc. Eng.  thesis, and we will most likely move to Spain in the future. People tend to say I’m smart, funny (or silly if you ask the kids), fast, and professional.


Tiina Wilen is the creator of Avenue Method™ & the CEO of Avenue. She and her team help premium services & product brands build assets, systems, and infrastructure required for sustainable business growth.

Tiina holds a Master of Science in IT Engineering, a Bachelor in Business, PMP® (Project Management Professional) Certification, and a number of certificates in technology, graphic, and interior design.

Tiina works as a growth coach for several successful small businesses and occasionally as a fractional COO/CMO/CGO for businesses, preferably in the design space, that build iconic brands and scale beyond the 2-5 Million EUR mark.

With a solid corporate background in IT and finance, travel, hospitality, and design, she has worked as a CEO, IT & management consultant, project manager, business developer, and process manager with responsibility for multi-million EUR offshore operations and a global team of 300+ software engineers, global manufacturing & shipping processes and international sales and partnerships.

She and her team are dedicated to helping SMEs create innovative models, profitable offers, and exciting brands, and scale past their current capacity with the right infrastructure. She also invests in digital assets and owns several media & publishing B2B and B2C brands.

Her favorite hobby is decorating her home, and she tends to move furniture – a lot. Tiina doesn’t cook; luckily she married a guy who does, and her secret superpower is wallpapering.

Born in Helsinki, Finland, Tiina is a mother of 2, and the Wilén family enjoys a harmonious small-kid lifestyle in the Swedish countryside with their Staffie pup Franklin.

She believes building a business should be fun. She also believes implementing assets, systems and processes is the only way to really grow and scale a great business.

Lastly, she believes growth – business and personal – is a choice.


I provide consulting, coaching, and education for businesses of all sizes. I tailor your growth avenue to suit your individual needs and business stage. Curious about what my business growth services look like when we partner together? Download the Avenue Brand Book below to take a peek. Then book a short chat to see what magic we could create together.

  • I educate business leaders. My topics are brand positioning, systemization, digitalization, customer experience design, business modeling, scaling, and internationalization.
  • I coach & consult business leaders privately and in small groups.
  • I can join your team as a Fractional Operations Manager/COO/CMO, where I help your team increase operational efficiency and profits.
  • I speak & write expert articles. Discover more under SPEAKING.