Build Your Signature Business

First – what exactly is a Signature Business?

In short: It’s a business that becomes known and chosen, and brings happiness.

What does it mean? It means that your business, or the business you work for, becomes known in your industry. It means that the business becomes chosen by customers, suppliers, media, employees, and other relevant people. Lastly – happiness; what’s that got to do with your signature? Well, a lot. It’s about the culture, whether people; customer and employees feel happy about your business and brand. If not, things are no bueno. If yes, you’ve got a great business. So simple, yet so difficult.

Also, if you are the founder, your wellbeing, and the wellbeing of those around you, is critical. You can achieve this by designing the right model – your signature business model – that either brigs you joy and happiness… or not. You can have team members that love to work with you… or not. You can have customers who adore you…. or not. Either way, in my point of view, making humans happy is one the the key elements of building a signature business.

The Signature Business has 5 parts:

These combines make your business’ Signature Elements.

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The Avenue – your pathway to your unique signature business

The Avenue is my business growth method. It’s suitable for startups and SMEs that want to become known for their excellence, build their signature businesses.

The Avenue consists of 3 main focus areas:

  • Design the business’ signature positioning, message, brand elements, delivery method, products, and business model that makes sense to your growth intentions.
  • Systemize sales and marketing operations, as well as customer value delivery. This often includes using the right digital tools that enhance the customer experience.
  • Expand your reach through the right channels, platforms, and partners, and by implementing the right growth models for the business.
Your Signature Business

While the order of implementation depends a great deal on your starting point, most businesses need to start with designing the positioning, message, and model. However, more often than not, these things change when you grow and scale, or new opportunities come your way! That’s why, the DESIGN – SYSTEMIZE – EXPAND is a cyclic process that focuses of strategic creation, rapid experimentation, and measuring the right things.

The results

  • Your business becomes known for a specific thing: product, style, solution, or whatever fits your vision
  • Your messaging is clear and consistent, and your marketing attracts the right people to your business
  • Your product development is focused on bringing maximum value to the customer while improving operational efficiency and decreasing OpEx
  • Your systems, tools, and assets make the customer experience excellent while your team can deliver superior service
  • Your customers acknowledge and appreciate the delightful, unique touches you have built into your deliveries
  • Your reach grows through leveraging the right platforms and partnerships for your brand
  • Your digital assets and business automation work even when you don’t, bringing you new leads and customers to grow sustainably

Regardless if you are the owner of a small business, or work for a company that wants to become the leading brand in their niche – designing and developing your Signature is critical.

Defining, designing, and Developing the Signature is my superpower

How do I do that?

I offer workshops, education programs, and consulting (currently closed), or join companies as a fractional or full-time member. Typical roles in the larger SMEs are Go-To-Market, Product & Growth Marketing, Process & Operations, or Customer Experience Leader. For consulting projects, I can take on a more hands-on consulting approach or more of a coaching & educating role.

Regardless of the setup, I approach this with an entrepreneurial drive and determination: clear strategy, holistic view before tactical play, tight (but realistic) budgets, fast execution, automation & measurements, and a great team spirit.

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