Avenue – The Pathway to Your Signature Business

The Avenue is my business growth method. It’s suitable for startups and SMEs that want to become known for their excellence, build brands that stand out, and systemize, and digitalize their operations to scale.

Essentially, every business with a valuable offer and thought leader ambitions can follow the method to become seen as the #1 in their niche.

The Avenue consists of 3 main focus areas:

  • Designing the business’ signature positioning, message, brand elements, delivery method, products, and business model that makes sense to your growth intentions.
  • Systemizing the sales and marketing operations, as well as customer value delivery. This often includes using the right digital tools that enhance the customer experience.
  • Expanding reach through the right channels, platforms, and partners, and by implementing the right growth models for the business.
Your Signature Business

The results

  • Your business becomes known for a specific thing: product, style, solution, or whatever fits your vision
  • Your messaging is clear and consistent, and your marketing attracts the right people to your business
  • Your product development is focused on bringing maximum value to the customer while improving operational efficiency and decreasing OpEx
  • Your systems, tools, and assets make the customer experience excellent while your team can deliver superior service
  • Your customers acknowledge and appreciate the delightful, unique touches you have built into your deliveries
  • Your reach grows through leveraging the right platforms and partnerships for your brand
  • Your digital assets and business automation work even when you don’t, bringing you new leads and customers to grow sustainably

Regardless if you are the owner of a small business, or work for a company that wants to become the leading brand in their niche – designing and developing your Signature is critical.

Defining, designing, and Developing the Signature is my superpower

How do I do that?

I offer workshops, education programs, and consulting (currently closed), or join companies as a fractional or full-time member. Typical roles in the larger SMEs are Product Marketing, Process Management, or Customer Experience leader, and for consulting projects, I can take on a more hands-on consulting approach or more of a coaching & educating role.

Regardless of the setup, I approach this with an entrepreneurial drive and determination: clear strategy, holistic view before tactical play, tight (but realistic) budgets, fast execution, automation & measurements, and a great team spirit.

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