Doing the right things at the right stage

Designing Your Bespoke Growth AVENUE

Let’s talk about the most important strategies, systems, and activities at each stage

The Validation Stage

  • get started
  • make a sale
  • make another one 🙂

The key at the Validation Stage is to validate the business idea. None of the business planning matters unless you figure out what you want to sell and to whom, and essentially make them buy your thing. Hence, contrary to many business coaches, we don’t make official business plans at this stage. 

Typical activities and systems at this stage are identifying your client persona(s), positioning, unique selling points, and brand message, and building a simple marketing and sales engine that works in your industry and for your business model.

Your goal: make sales.

The Consistency Stage

  • signature business design: message, method, model & systems
  • consistent lead & client flow
  • consistent marketing & delivery processes

The key at the Consistency Stage is to become consistent with the client acquisition activities and value delivery activities. You already know what sells and what you want to offer, what doesn’t sell, and what you don’t want to offer. You know what type of marketing works for you, and how to sell your offers. Now it’s time to build your signature business elements to be able to grow and scale without headaches.

Typical activities and systems at this stage are focusing on systemizing your sales, marketing, and delivery activities. You start designing your Signature Elements: signature brand, messaging, offer suite, marketing and sales systems, and standardizing your value delivery processes by defining your signature client onboarding, delivery, and offboarding processes.

Your goal: build consistency in both your operations and in the minds of your audience.

The Scale Stage

  • scale your delivery capacity
  • scale your client flow
  • scale your visibility
  • grow your team

The key at the Scale Stage is to scale your operations. This looks very different for everyone, but the typical scaling strategies I help my clients implement are streamlining processes, adding multiple revenue streams, expanding through going to new markets, and adding team members.

Typical activities and systems at this stage are building multiple revenue streams, going international, scaling marketing, and adding team members – either employees or contractors, many times both.

Your goal: scale your reach, impact, and revenue model.

The Sustainability Stage

  • internal processes
  • infrastructure
  • legal IP structure

The key at the Sustainability Stage is to build the right infrastructure that allows you to grow and scale to your dream stage without compromising on your life in the process. A lot of your focus will be on the internal processes, infrastructure, people management, and legal, while you also maintain and grow your reach and impact.

Typical activities and systems at this stage are building the back-end infrastructure: processes, technology, and people your business needs at this stage.

Your goal: fully systemized business.

The Transferability Stage

  • remove you from the operations
  • formalized roles
  • owner transfer: sell/leave to the next generation

The key at the Transferability Stage is to remove you from the operations. You might want to do it for several reasons, one being that you start planning the next life after this particular business. The point is this: we all exit our businesses one day. My goal is to help you exit your business intentionally and with a plan!

Typical activities and systems at this stage are start removing yourself from the operations, having a self-going team, and making a plan for your exit.

Your goal: exit with a plan.