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My Holistic Business Design Strategy

Smart businesses build strategic and tactical assets that increase the value of the company, operational efficiency, and impact, and contribute to growth. My holistic 360° approach to business growth takes into consideration the 9 Essential Growth Elements: Product, Brand, Audience, Acquisition, Media, People, Capital, Management, and Technology.


Design your signature product suite or services, products, trainings, freebies, and other assets that allow you to hit your revenue, profit, impact, and lifestyle goals.


Design your unique brand assets; proprietary methodology, intellectual property, trademarks, licenses, and other related assets that can increase the value of your company and brand.


Your audience consist of several types of people, such as your customers and clients, but also your partners, referral networks, and connections that contribute to your growth.


Design your sales and marketing systems, processes, and tools that contribute to the revenue and profit growth of your business.


Implement the right media channels to expand your reach and impact. In today’s business landscape, your media assets become one of your most valuable assets.


Identify the key people you need to surround yourself with to hit your goals. Focus on their wellbeing – starting with you!


Get smart with your capital assets – cash in the bank, accounts receivables, loans, check credits, and other financial instruments that you use to grow your business.


Implement the strategic management assets – standard operating procedures, scorecards, and documented systems to manage your business with less headaches.


Implement the right tools, systems, and technical infrastructure required to scale your business. Tech is a necessity regardless of how your business model looks like, what you sell, and how.

…it connects the dots to make the picture complete. This is unique.

Barbro Axelsson | CEO at Durewall Institutet

Growing a business is a process, a journey that takes you from one stage to another, albeit not always in a linear fashion. You need to be very clear on where you’re at, what success looks like to you, how you want to run your business, how you want to live your life, and what fits your personality and skills, and then design the growth roadmap.

I call it designing Your Bespoke Growth


Shall we?