Launching a Digital Business? Get the Guide

Are you launching a digital brand and business? Here are a few things you need to know before you start:

  • there are many different digital business models that you could implement in your business, and your choice must be based on several aspects, such as your current level of technical know-how, your current needs of income, and – of course – what kind of business you really want to build!
  • digitalization of a business is possible for EVERYONE – but it’s not easy. You must learn the skills required to run a digital business.
  • in addition to multiple different business models, there are also multiple different levels of digitalization
    • Fully digital
    • Partially digital
    • Foundationally digital

Here are some examples of each:

Fully digital business / revenue models

  • courses
  • downloadable products
  • tools and gadgets
  • audio products
  • music or images
  • blog/media site selling ads or other people’s products

Partially digital business / revenue models

  • premium services with materials you send digitally
  • physical products online
  • systematic onboarding processes for your high-end clients
  • communication tools to enhance the customer experience
  • portal for your VIP clients

Foundationally digital business / revenue models

  • you use digital tools in your internal work
  • you set up your payment, accounting, inventory, and customer acquisition systems so you can scale
  • you run your office and internal communication with the help of modern tools and systems

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