“What’s your story?” A question I get some time to time, and a question I think about sometimes, particularly when I’m leading and managing a change in my life. Which is, to be honest, often.

I love change.

I was born in Finland late 70’s. Finland is the tiny, cold and dark country East of Sweden, known for not so many things, but you might know about a few:

  • the irony runs in our DNA.
  • we’ve got the best school system in the world.
  • our summers are beautiful, and winters horrible.
  • Santa Claus lives there too.
  • and we’re really good at technology.

I went to a really fancy high school called Ressu, and as soon as I was out, I decided to move to Sweden. Why – you might ask? For two reasons: the Swedish guys are really good looking. And the second – can’t remember.

I moved to Uppsala and enrolled in the University. Uppsala University is the oldest university in the Nordics, a fabulous little town near Stockholm, full of crazy students. I thought I’d become a Lawyer but LUCKILY I changed my mind. I studied Master of Science in IT & Systems Engineering. And a bachelor in business economics.

I did my master’s thesis in Shanghai where I lived and worked for a year. Followed by the move back to Sweden, and my first job in the Stockholm IT world.


I started as a programmer. Yeah. I was responsible for the design and development of a SaaS solution for invoicing. Fun years. I wasn’t really any good, but I truly enjoyed programming and designing great user interfaces and functionality.

Next job: Product Manager. I joined a small, entrepreneurial company and had responsibility for a SaaS solution within the travel industry. This particular job took me to some amazing places like Reunion island. After that, I joined the largest IT supplier in the Nordics.