This is my What’s Up Page.

I share what I’m thinking about, learning, enjoying, and working on. 

Updated on Jan 23rd



The summer season is around the corner, so I’m thinking about traveling, and gardening.

Our garden work continues, we have a huge work ahead of us to get the front side of our house green. Last summer, we grew our sun deck to cover all 4 sides of the house, and this coming summer it’s time to start planting.

Our garden has the worst possible soil and I have no knowledge about gardening. I enjoy it though 🙂 But somehow that slope needs to be turned green and pretty. I wish I could just paint it…


Also: I’m putting a lot of time into thinking about different ways of helping our clients at Avenue. We’re launching many projects this year. What’s a project in our world? A project is a business development sprint that has a specific goal, scope, and timeline. In our growth program, Avenue program, we have hundreds of projects that we help our clients complete, so that they can grow and scale. Read more here…


Sharpening My Tools

As always, I’m studying marketing in general, and right now my focus is on SEO. My teachers right now are:





I’m listening to a lot of podcasts, here are my current favorites:



The work stuff that I’m doing…

  • helping clients inside the Avenue Program. We have two special projects coming this year, so I’m creating lots of content and tools
  • I recently launched our new magazine, and I’m creating lots of content and hiring writers
  • I had to update our complete infrastructure when we decided to move away from ActiveCampaign to another CRM system… lot of work but it’s soon done!




  • I’m enjoying lots of time with my kids & husband (but grateful they are back in school)
  • I went back to the keto diet and am already feeling much more energized after a long period of flu
  • I take long walks with Frank the Tank (our Staffie pup)
  • I’m watching Billions
  • I’m loving our gorgeous outdoor spa


Cool things that happened lately

  • I partnered with BOH to host a workshop for the US interior design industry. It was really well-received! If you want me to create a workshop for your audience, get in touch!
  • we build a new office space for me so I’m busy designing it right now


That’s all!