Professional & CV

I help businesses design their signature client experiences; products, brands, processes, and tools. My skillset is a combination of design, systems, and digitalization. I work internationally with SMEs on their world domination journey. I’m also a Board Member / Chair in a few Non-Profit Organizations.

Currently: I’m helping a Swedish SaaS company become the world’s leading solution for simplifying sales in complex manufacturing.


  • Client Experience Design
  • Marketing and Sales Strategy & Leadership
  • GTM Programming
  • Brand & Thought Leadership Development
  • Business Process Design & Digitalization
  • Product Marketing
  • Demand Generation & Automation, Paid Acquisition, Media Buying
  • WebDev, Content & Digital Publishing
  • Change Management & Global Team Leadership
  • Project & Program Management
  • Board Leadership & C-Level Coaching
  • Education, Workshops & Expert Webinars
  • Integrations, SaaS
  • EdTech, FinTech, Sales Enablement Tech, MarTech

I spent years in the corporate world as an IT & management consultant, product manager, developer, and global process manager, responsible for multi-million EUR offshore operations, delivery performance of 300+ software engineers, sales enablement, and delivery excellence.

I founded a home decor company and grew it quickly to sell in 17+ counties. This experience took me from IT & management consulting and the world of complex enterprise SaaS solutions into the world of design, brand development, and global product launches.

Exciting? Oh yeah!

I also got hooked on marketing, systems, sales, and designing impeccable client experiences, whereby I created a growth methodology Avenue that combines business design, systemization, digitalization, and expansion tactics to accelerate SME growth.

Here’s my story of how I went from fearing & avoiding sales to becoming a sales & marketing pro.

👉🏽 20+ yrs of international experience covering SaaS, productization, marketing, sales, integrations, PM/PMM, RevOps, and growing global brands in a variety of industries.