The ONLY high-level Coaching & Consulting Accelerator Program with the Focus on YOUR Individual Business Strategy

OUR FLAGSHIP PROGRAM is a growth accelerator program tailor-made for the leader or growth-focused CEO of a smart, modern company with big ambitions. We are not business model specific, not industry specific. Together with your Growth Coach, you get to design the strategy and action plan that works for your business, regardless of if you are building an online course, B2B services, global consulting firm or run a local beauty salon.

  • 1-year Growth Accelerator
  • Bi-weekly coaching calls
  • Private chat with your coach
  • 3 options


Is your passion to help driven entrepreneurs and business owners succeed?

Work with brave women and men entrepreneurs around the Globe, and help them grow their businesses with proven systems and strategies. Work online, offline or wherever you like. We are growing our team, and we are looking to certificate a number of professionals to become Avenue Business Growth Coaches & Consultants and join our team.

As a Certified Business Growth Coach, you can consult and coach individual businesses, entrepreneurs, and large corporations to help them create growth. We provide you with all the tools and strategies you need to build a successful consulting / coaching company. 

  • Build a successful, scalable business consulting / coaching company
  • Earn passive income easily
  • Enjoy the benefits of having a team you trust
  • Join amazing workshops & retreats in fabulous places


Design and launch a collection of physical products

Creating a signature line of products is a sure way to increase brand attraction and revenue to your business. Did you know that there are many ways to go about it?
You can create a licensed collection for a manufacturing company, or you can brand your own white label collection. You can also design your own ODM collection. What’s your preference? Do you know the difference? And do you know where to start in the first place?
Inside the My Signature Line program & community, our experts help you create your signature line, manufacture, ship, and sell internationally.
  • Design and manufacture your signature line of physical goods
  • Learn global shipping and distribution
  • Set up sales channels
  • Build international brands


Design and launch your signature service – truly stand out from the competition

Creating a signature method for your service-based business is one of the key strategies we teach through all our growth programs. 
In this program; we focus on identifying your signature method so that you can build industry authority, productize your offerings, digitalize your services and scale and grow your services company.


  • Map our your authority building method
  • Learn how to turn your method to programs and products
  • Build a brand and attract premium clients
  • Sell with confidence