I work with expert who are ready to level up, become known in their industries, and build strategic assets that help them grow and scale without sacrificing wellbeing.

Starting from 5KEUR

My private coaching & consulting is the right fit for you if you…

  • have a successful business and want to scale it
  • need a personal, private business bouncing partner
  • want a partner who treats your business as her own, and knows the ins-and-outs of your strategy, operations, challenges, and leverage points
  • need hands-on work sessions to focus on building your Key Growth Assets: setting up your sales engine, launching your service, integrating your back-end systems, creating marketing copy, setting up your Facebook ads…
  • want a direct line to me to be able to ask anything, anytime


Does this sound like you? Great, let’s talk about Private Coaching & Consulting!

  • This is a highly personal, private way of working with me, and since my time is limited, I only work with a handful of clients at a time
  • We start with a VIP DAY and then determine whether we want to work together in a long term.

How does it work?

I’m your business partner without taking equity, and I’ll be co-creating your business with you. We start with a business assessment, including

  • analysis of your current business stage and operations
  • your wishes, what’s working and what’s not working
  • analysis of your numbers
  • analysis of your business assets

This assessment is very important, and it will take a few hours for you to take. I will use it as my guide when I start researching your business, your industry, and creating a custom plan for you.


After that, we will get together for a VIP DAY. During the day, we will map out your complete Growth Plan. Here’s an example of the day (but your day might look very different because of your current business stage and needs)

Morning session: we get clear on your vision, where you are going with your business. You have already submitted your financial metrics and other important information, and I have done extensive research about your business.

Pre-lunch session: we use the Avenue Growth System™ tools to identify your differentiator, what makes you unique in your category, your Intellectual Property.

Then we have lunch. If we lunch together (see the options below), we will talk about our findings and what they mean to you.

After-lunch session: we will map out your offers. You will get clarity on your service packages, how to design them for maximum profits and joy, and what prices/packages you will offer.

Fika-time: this is when the coffee and cookies are rolled in, and we will have a short break to get some new energy.

Afternoon-session: we use the Avenue Growth System™ tools to design a sales and marketing system for you. We will decide the tools and processes you need to implement to get all the clients you want, anytime you want.

Wrap-up: we will wrap up our VIP DAY around 18 PM by creating a plan for your year, the coming 3 months, and the immediate action plan.


After our VIP DAY, you will get

  • 4 weeks of email access to me
  • a follow-up call after 4 weeks
  • a possibility to join my 1-year coaching program The Avenue for support, implementation, and accountability


If we decide to continue in my 1-year program, the Avenue, you will get access to

  • Our client project software where we exchange messages, documents, and ideas
  • My email/Messenger/WhatsApp/Slack or any other direct access tool to communicate with me on a regular, on-demand (Mon-Fri) basis – you choose what works for you
  • Avenue Training Portal with hundreds of video sessions, guides, and tools for you to use to grow and scale your business
  • 2 monthly work sessions during which we focus on either strategic planning or building your assets. You can choose how often you need to have a meeting
  • My network of professionals
  • Quarterly VIP DAY in Stockholm or Malaga (if travel permits), or via Zoom
  • Invites to all my training and educational events


What’s my investment?

  • The VIP DAY is €5K (via Zoom) or €8K in Stockholm, Malaga, or in your city.
  • The Avenue Program is €20K or 12x €2K for a year.

VAT might be added.


Let’s have a talk about your business and then decide if this is the right fit. Apply below.

Let’s book a call and talk about your business & goals