Do you need a bespoke Digitalization Roadmap?

Do you…

  • Want to digitalize your business but don’t know what would work for you, or…
  • Have big growth ambitions and need to have a solid plan to design & build your next-level systems and assets, or…
  • Want to add multiple revenue streams without sacrificing brand positioning, quality of work, and your wellbeing, or…
  • Have good businesses but something feels off… you want to change the business model to experience more time with your family, location independence, or…
  • Want to solve a specific business dilemma fast?

I've been helping business owners create custom digitalization avenues; the roadmaps covering ideas, offers, systems, plans, and tools - for many years, and I've created special tools to do it effectively, covering the 360° of your business.

As a Systems Engineer and a former IT & Management Consultant, I'm used to dive in a challenge and find solutions - fast. I have helped hundreds of business owners - solopreneurs to 8-figure brands - to create exciting business models and build systems to make them a reality. My clients (and I) have launched services, digital/physical products, agencies, spa chains, digital events, service platforms, blogs, trade programs, and more... and I have helped them build the technology and automation their particular businesses need - to be able to grow without sacrificing their lives in the process.

The Simplest Process to Clarity

Let's Design Your Avenue

This package is the fastest and simplest way to clarity - without long commitment. You simply book a project, fill out your needs and desires, I have a look and start to investigate your business, ideas, vision, and then I will put together a roadmap for you. We book a call to talk it through, and you can ask anything you need. After that, I'll be your support for 10 workdays to answer any questions you might have to implement your roadmap.


As soon as you have purchased the package, you will get an assessment to fill out. This is very comprehensive and will take 1-2 hours. When you are ready, you use our online form to submit your assessment to me.


As soon as I receive your assessment, I start drafting your Avenue. We will schedule a 30-min call to go through my questions and make sure I have understood your business, stage, and vision.


I get to work and start building your bespoke roadmap. I'm taking in all your ideas, visions, and current stage, and create a 30-40 page roadmap for you to implement. This will take about 3-4 days.


We will schedule a 90-min strategy call to walk through your avenue and discuss any questions you have. After this, you will continue to implement the plan! I also offer 10 workdays (Mon-Fri) email support.

Tiina is one of the most brilliant business model & systematization minds I know. I would recommend to get her coaching, mentoring, support or picker her smart brain any way you could. Start to listen to one of her many golden tips on her pod, insta, FB or any other social channel.

Maria von Post | Netlight

Tiina is a supertalent, ambitious, fun and powerful woman and coach. I am so happy that I have met her. She is a great ”techqueen” and therefore I find her to be a very interesting business partner. To scale companies you need both branding and tech, but also strong Concepts, powerful systems and automations, that help you to scale your company. And I can tell you Tiina is the Queen in this field

Carina Andersson
CEO at Folk & Form

Tiina Wilen has been (and continues to be) a speaker at our International Women's Day Conferences. Her knowledge and ease in explaining the way to use digital tools and innovative skills for your business is always a well received session at the events. Tiina brings her business career as an engineer to structure and create courses for business owners to deliver successful outcomes - these aren't just take the course and you are on your own... these are guided learning experiences which you can continue to use over the longer term.
Ali Meehan
CEO at
By the results, I’ve got right from the start of launching my company I can boldly declare that Tiina is a top professional in her business niche. I am forever thankful.

Ania Berggren
CSD Women's Leadership Academy International

I have long experience as a manager, and have also run my company for several years. Even as an experienced manager you sometimes get stuck, and especially if you are an entrepreneur with your own company.

It's good to have someone outside who can coach you forward. If you have long experience yourself, it is even more important to find a coach who understands your situation and can coach you at the right level. Then it's not about having the support of someone who knows your brand, it's about finding a professional for strategies and models, ideas, and inspiration to lead me forward in my business.

Finding the right person for this is important, as you as an entrepreneur invest your time and money.

For four months I have hired Tiina as my private coach, and this has been well invested money. Tiina has quickly understood my situation, and guided me forward to feel good and able to lead my company forward. She has motivated and given me tips, she has inspired, and expected results. These four months have been much needed for me, I have regained the joy of running my successful business even longer. "Sky is the limit and Tiina helps you get there"

Mariana Ramselius | Interior Architect at Silander Holst S.L

Without hesitation, I offer a glowing recommendation of Tiina.

After being introduced to her work and method, I decided to become an Avenue client and I must say my time and money was well invested.

Avenue is not like other programs that you don't do anything with. It engages you to really engage your business and your leadership from the perspective of REAL growth which is all about having a strong foundation in vision, direction, strategy, and implementation.

Tiina really shines when it comes to operations. And the special touches she infuses into the experience, like the CEO Week's, brings surprise and delight to the growth process.

Avenue has supported me in committing to reaching a new standard in how I lead my business. For that, I will be forever grateful.

Ozioma Egwuonwu
Chief Strategic Transformation Officer | TEDxSpeaker | Strategic Advisor | Keynote Speaker | Consultant

I have had the great pleasure to work alongside as a colleague, together with Tiina at an international IT-company. Tiina worked as a consultant and PM for many of the cases I sold to our customers. Apart from being skilled and motivated, she was always passionate about the client and their expectations and made sure we met the strict budget and deadlines.

Even when tough business decisions had to be made, she always succeeded to onboard the client on the necessary path and way forward; all the time with her warmth and passion and deep respect for the client. I would be happy, proud and grateful to work with Tiina at any given time again!

Claes Lemnell
CEO at Nordics VirtusaPolaris

I have attended a lot of different educations during my time as a business leader. What Tiina does with the Avenue Program is that it connects the dots to make the picture complete. This is unique. I’m really excited to see how our results will improve in the future.

Barbro Axelsson
CEO at Durewall Institutet

I am very excited since I just had a business coaching meeting with one of my clients where we did the core exercises and she was so happy!

Floor Schmeitz
Avenue Certified Growth Coach | Founder of PlayBook for Magic

I can highly recommend Tiina and Avenue. The program and the energy gave me the Power to improve and walk further out of my comfort zone. Made me more digital and crossed new boundaries. It was a pleasure and great business opportunity to work in her program.

Karin Holmström
Artist & Entrepreneur